April outfits

Al final de cada mes, haremos una recopilación de todos los looks que hemos llevado para que podáis, de un solo vistazo y en un único post, ver los estilismos que tanto Claudia como yo hemos lucido durantes esos días. ¡Esperemos que os guste!

At the end of each month, we will post a compilation of all the looks both Claudia and I have worn over the past days, so you can check them out quickly and in one single post. Hope you all like it!

midilema3Outfit details: midilema

midilema4Outfit details: midilema

DSC_6541Outfit details: Claudia

DSC_6917Outfit details: Lucía

DSC_6794Outfit details: Springtime

DSC_6760Outfit details: Denim overalls

s1Outfit details: Midi dress

DSC_7780Outfit details: Earth tones

Text: Lucía Peris / Photos: Claudia and Lucía Peris / Art Direction: Claudia Peris


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